Escuela de Arte 10

This School of Art and Design specializes in graphic design and has a special interest on open content and F/LOSS. In 2007 Escuela de Arte 10 was awarded with the Erasmus University Charter, entitling the school to participate in decentralised Erasmus activities, as well as to act as an applicant organisation in Erasmus centralised actions.

Escuela de Arte 10 will be an important local partner in Madrid to disseminate and pilot Libre Graphic practices among its students, encouraging them to take part in activities such as debates around collaborative design practices and future tools and formats, FLOSS Manuals sprints. They will also set up a contest to design the infopoint at Medialab-Prado and the graphic image for the Libre Graphics conference in 2013 and develop long-term projects to be presented to the open call for the workshop at Medialab-Prado in 2013.