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Flyers at FOSDEM

More images: http://gallery3.constantvzw.org/index.php/Fosdem-2013

From: Future Tools ✁

LGM 2012

This year I could only make it for a few days to LGM, but I am glad I came. First of all to meet friends and colleagues, to find out how they and their projects have been. I enjoyed getting hold of a fresh issue of Libre Graphics Magazine for example; The Physical, the Digital [...]

LGRU.net - research thread: Co-position, Research meetings

Co-position: Aftermath pics

Different angles from the Co-position research meeting along Constant repository‘s ones, a pics breadcrumb from Antonio Roberts, a few more idiosyncratic images by Nik Gaffney, some non-panorama photos by Tom Lechner and the panoramic group photo in 2 variations, the maybe circular and the maybe spherical. Thank you all!

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A flow of material across different sources

The first ever Research Meeting in the context of the Libre Graphics Research Unit took place now more than a week ago. Organised by Worm and themed Networked Graphics, 30 participants from across Europe gathered in Rotterdam for five days. We traversed “The extremes of Networked Graphics” as WL puts it: From demo-scene classics to [...]

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Manufactura Independente

A work visit to AC and RL (Manufactura Independente) in Porto.