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making tools that punch holes into walls

Interesting discussion on whether or not cultural organisations should ‘oblige’ artists to work with free licenses (thread starts with http://nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-1406/msg00018.html): “In the end, free culture has been an essential step and great opportunity to sync all sorts of individuals, groups and communities who would probably not have connected with each others, and maybe the recruiting [...]

From: Future Tools ✁

A Dictionary of Received Ideas

Her colleagues often repeated that ‘there is no perfect solution to a design problem’. Rebecca was pretty sure she had read it somewhere within the context of computer science or learning technology but after looking all over, she still had not found a solid source for the idea. After posting her question to the mailinglist, [...]

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Word, Work

A group from Chicago visited Constant Variable last week. One student explains his mother is a publisher and that she compiled an on-line glossary of terms used in her mixed practice of printing, publishing and writing. It is stunning. For example, under W: word spacing: The amount of space between each word in typeset text. [...]

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The Dilettante Expert

‘Dilettante expertise’ as a way to make practice meet theory: Expertise is the classical foundation of all geekdom, whether it is encyclopedic knowledge of Shakespeare, of the Star Trek universe or the registers of an 8-bit controller. Dilettantism is the unavoidable condition of drawing the bigger picture. It can end up badly like with the [...]