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Commission: Piksels & Lines Orchestra

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Piksels and Lines research report


The Piksels and Lines Orchestra is an experimental performance system for graphic design. The image industry populates our visual culture, yet it exists in a world with an inner life that is invisible to most people. The orchestra shifts the focus from the end results to the actions and decisions that take place during the creative process.

By turning the tools of graphic design,  Continue Reading »

LGRU.net - research thread: Abstracting Craft, Co-position, Networked Graphics, Piksels and Lines


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At the core of the LGRU-project is a series of research commissions that allowed artists and software developers to work together on projects that creatively re-think the way practice and tools interact. The results of this work are currently under review, but you can already enjoy some of the results here.

LGRU.net - research thread: Commissions

Libre Graphics Workstation

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The Libre Graphics workstation at Medialab-Prado is planned as an open studio where anyone, whether professional or amateur, artist, designer, developer or general public, is welcome to read, learn, talk, discuss, research, experiment or produce with Libre Graphics.

The Workstation is intended to work as a node of LGRU project in a physical and public space, in the understanding that face-to-face encounters are crucial  Continue Reading »

From: Future Tools ✁

An unknown image

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Read-Write Libre Graphics

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Flyers at FOSDEM

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More images: http://gallery3.constantvzw.org/index.php/Fosdem-2013