Research meetings

The research meetings are regular meetings held and organised by Constant, Medialab Prado, Piksel and Worm, respectively in Brussels (BE), Madrid (ES), Bergen (NO) and Rotterdam (NL). These meetings allow not only the organisers and the associated organisations, but also artists, programmers, designers and theoricians from all over Europe to imagine the future of graphic tools. They help to bring fresh input to the topic of imagining and processing softwares, through four intense days of presentations, discussions, hands-on workshops, demostrations and performances. In addition, anyone interested can contribute to the discussions via online chat.

These seasonal sessions favour exchange between participants with very different disciplinary backgrounds. The meetings welcome experimental, explorative and speculative work. They are articulated around four main threads (Co-position, Abstracting Crafts, Piksels and Lines and Networked Graphics) and include time for responding to the intermediate results of the commissioned projects related to these subjects. - research thread: Research meetings

The Libre Graphics Research Unit in Porto

From 22 to 25 May the Libre Graphics Research Unit gathers in Porto and this meeting concludes the two year project. Hosted by associate partner Manufactura Independente in Maus Habitos we will present and discuss all work that was developed in the context of the Research Unit: The Piksels and Lines Orchestra, Superglue, Graphical Shell prototype, the Future Tools event, Grafica Libre estacion de trabajo, Tools for a Read-Write World, Considering your tools: a reader for designers and developers, and  Continue Reading » - research thread: Abstracting Craft, Research meetings

Federated Publishing

The next Research Meeting Abstracting Craft will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 27-29 September 2012. The program is being developed by WORM in collaboration with FLOSS-Manuals.

Below you can find an outline on the meetings theme, followed by the daily schedule:


FLOSS Manuals and Federated Publishing by Mick Fuzz and Adam Hyde.

Federated Publishing was anticipated by this astonishing passage from  Marshall McLuhan “Predicting Communication  Continue Reading »


Piksels & Lines Seminar stream

We are happy to announce that we are streaming the Piksels & Lines Seminar sessions. Stream of the daily presentationsRead the Rest… - research thread: Piksels and Lines, Research meetings

Piksels & Lines Seminar stream

We are happy to announce that we are streaming the Piksels & Lines Seminar sessions.

Stream of the daily presentations running from 10:00-13:00 from Wednesday to Friday can be found here: (Kindly powered by

Open the url  in a media player like VLC or Mplayer if you can’t view it directly in the browser.

Video documentation of the different sessions will be made available at the Piksel media server. - research thread: Piksels and Lines, Research meetings

Piksels & Lines

6-9 June, Bergen (Norway)

The Piksel & Lines research seminar is the third international meeting in the context of LGRU. This edition is organised by Piksel and will have a particular focus on improvements, interoperability between and fringe use of F/LOSS graphic bitmap and vector software, as well as generative software used in performative contexts.

Artists, programmers, designer and theoreticians from all over Europe are invited to imagine the future of image  Continue Reading »


Piksels and Lines: Programme

Bergen, 6-9 June 2012 @ ROM 8 The Piksels & Lines research seminar is the third in the Libre GraphicRead the Rest… - research thread: Co-position, Research meetings

Co-position: Aftermath pics

Different angles from the Co-position research meeting along Constant repository‘s ones, a pics breadcrumb from Antonio Roberts, a few more idiosyncratic images by Nik Gaffney, some non-panorama photos by Tom Lechner and the panoramic group photo in 2 variations, the maybe circular and the maybe spherical. Thank you all! - research thread: Co-position, Research meetings

Co-Position: Presentation and roundtable

The four superintense days of this Research Meeting end up with a public presentation and roundtable at Halles de Schaerbeek. So even on a Saturday morning early, Variable House is a beehive with more than 25 very contrasted people working around a common text and the hundred of pictures of it : Wednesday 22 Feb (Visual Versioning), Thursday 23 Feb (Collision),   Continue Reading » - research thread: Co-position, Research meetings

Co-position: Worksessions

The Co-position worksessions are hands-on brainstorms and involve people with various backgrounds. Each session looks at a specific aspect of Libre Graphics Tools. Sessions have been prepared by teams of designers, developers and other practitioners because they would like your input in imagining future tools and future practice. - research thread: Co-position, Research meetings

Co-position: Programme

Brussels, 22-25 February 2012

The Co-position research meeting focuses on digital tools for arranging texts and other graphic elements: How can we re-imagine lay-out from scratch? What tools do we need to support decentralized collaboration? How can we understand what workflows, distributions of work and media are coded into our tools? Can we bring canvas editing, dynamic lay-outs, web-to-print and Print On Demand together in more interesting ways? - research thread: Networked Graphics, Research meetings

Meeting One: Networked Graphics @ WORM

Pictures from the first Research Meeting hosted by WORM, Rotterdam.