At the core of the LGRU-project is a series of research commissions that allowed artists and software developers to work together on projects that creatively re-think the way practice and tools interact. The results of this work are currently under review, but you can already enjoy some of the results here.

Medialab Prado worked on the development of the Libre Graphics Workstation, a mobile place for learning about and on Libre Graphics. Piksel developed the Piksels and Lines Orchestra, a performative environment for ‘playing’ existing Libre Graphics tools. In Co-position, Constant researched the nature of lay-out through workshops, prototypes and a catalog of case-stories. Constant also developed the LGRU-Reader, a multi-lingual publication with texts that reflect on the place of digital tools in design. WORM is currently working on Superglue, a distributed version of Hotglue, a Content Manipulation System that allows anyone to construct a website directly in a web-browser.